August 22nd & 23rd 2015    ►    5700 Interstate Blvd  Austintown, Ohio  44515







What is Ballyhoo? No, we're not a baitfish or a band from Maryland (but we love when we Google our name). We are two days of local , regional , and out-of-state bands and musicians. Two stages run simultaneously. We love music, and , let's be honest, who doesn't ? We party indoors and out. Rain or shine . If you lived in Youngstown, Ohio you'd know why! We are rock, blues, country, acoustic, metal, top 40, pop, alternative and so much more. We are a hub for really, really good BBQ. It's great food in simple containers but the point is that - it's great food! We're an awesome opportunity to gather with old friends, meet some new ones and share an unforgettable music experience together.

"We're our fifth year in, and we continue to expand and grow as a music festival . The word is getting out , too. We're lending our stage to bands from all over the country . Ballyhoo is starting to take shape and taking on a personality and identity of it's own. I have a lot of plans and I'm chomping at the bit to implement them all , however , we need to grow slowly and establish ourselves first as a competing music festival in the region and the state . The rest will follow. Our roots have definitely been planted , and they are strong . " Scott Austalosh , Founder / Event Organizer

"The landscape of retail and the experience you receive is rapidly changing . It only makes sense for us to adapt and progress with change. Partnerships with Scott Austalosh and the Ballyhoo Music Festival help Harley Davidson Biketown and our unique Soul Custom shop inside stay ahead of the curve and provide an awesome experience to keep them coming back for the next big thing in Motorcycles , Music, and Art ! " Tom Wronkovich , Owner of Harley Davidson Biketown




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